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Plain and simple: in the fast-paced world of kitchens, safely preparing and serving quality food can be challenging enough, and often come before dealing with the leftovers.

Whether you’re putting together your first waste reduction strategy for your fast casual cafe or fine-tuning your zero waste full-service restaurant, we’re here to get you from point A to point Z on a path that actually makes sense in your kitchen.

Waste Strategy

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Anaerobic digestors, plant-based bioplastics, and compost… oh my. Our deep food waste expertise and extensive partner network gives you the context to figure out where square one is—and how you’ll figure out square 2.

Waste Audits

Weigh your waste

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Yes, we do that too.

By hand-sorting your waste streams, we can give you data-driven waste reduction recommendations, and estimate the impact of your efforts in metrics like GHG emissions avoided (or number of plastic gloves found in the compost stream—don’t worry, it happens to everyone).

Food Recovery

Donate the surplus


Our food recovery efforts have helped businesses redirect over three million pounds of pounds of food that would have gone to waste to those in need. Build community, engage employees and give back by donating food.