Stop Food Waste Day is back.

April 24, 2019 we're bringing back the first-ever holiday dedicated solely to tackling our surplus food.


How you can ignite change and reduce food waste?

(Because really--shouldn't every day be Stop Food Waste Day?)

1. At home: Don't waste any food for a day

Just for one day, or one meal, try not to waste any food. Pay attention to every piece of food you handle. 

  • If you're cooking, are you throwing out broccoli stems that you could be chopping up and eating in a salad?

  • If you're at a buffet, are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

  • If you're shopping for groceries, did you meal plan and bring a grocery list?

Changing our food culture is hard, but not impossible. One day at a time, together we can make sure no food is wasted!

2. At Work: Donate, don’t discard

Do you know what happens to the food leftover from events you go to? Your office cafeteria? Your catered lunches? Find out whether your work's perfectly good surplus food ends up on a plate or in a landfill. 

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