World Food Day

bite-sized 10.23

Your Weekly Food Waste Digest

Last week in food waste:

  1. Did you know that the number of food waste startups is up 500% since 2011? Check out this list of food waste startups and the food waste issues they solve from Forbes. Crowd Cow, a cow-sharing company, is a great solution for consumers who want to make sustainable meat purchases.

  2. A vehicle running on food waste sounds like the epitome of sustainability. The Bio-Bee launched in the UK; it collects commercial food waste in Bristol AND runs on that same waste.

  3. This fact caught our attention in this opinion piece written by Danielle Nierenberg and Brian Frederick of Food Tank,  “The FAO estimates that if we managed to eat all the food we currently waste, we could feed every hungry person in the world — four times over.

  4. Can we reduce food waste by making produce last longer? Edipeel provides a protective layer for fresh produce and is made of extracts from fruits and vegetables.

  5. Last week was World Food Day and now it’s time to take action in your own home. You can start by trying these simple tips.