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Your Weekly Food Waste Digest

Last Week in Food Waste:


  1. Need a new podcast to add to your usual mix? This episode of Impact Hustlers features Tessa Cook, OLIO’s Co-founder and CEO. OLIO is a free food sharing app that launched in 2015.
  2. In the UK, Tesco relaxes its quality specifications to sell more (and waste less) unusual produce. Green clementine anyone?
  3. This month, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new date labeling act into law.
  4. The NRDC report (reviewed by Eatable) reveals that two-thirds of the food we waste is edible.
  5. Also, can brewing beer from waste really make a dent on our food waste problem?
  6. BONUS: Read Harvard Law School’s Food Law & Policy Clinic's toolkit on local food policy and take action!

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  1. It’s almost here!! The moment we have all been waiting for. On October 13, "Wasted! The Story of Food Waste" will be released and available in select theaters. Here’s another trailer to get you pumped.

  2. Find out how La Soupe, a nonprofit in Cincinnati Ohio, is fighting child hunger. The nonprofit collects leftover produce from local grocery stories and organic farms and turns it into big batches of soup that is then frozen and distributed in the area.

  3. Imperfect Produce is taking over the West Coast (in a good way). The company expanded its services to Portland, Oregon earlier this month. If you are a Portland area resident and looking for a CSA full of ugly produce, you can sign up online here.

  4. Would you try this Smart FridgeCam to cut down on food waste? This new product will allow consumers to look at what they have in their fridges from their smartphones at any moment. It also suggests recipes, reminds you when you are low on essentials, and helps keep track of expiration dates. Now that’s a pretty smart fridge.

  5. Do you prefer your alcohol distilled with Twinkies or Ho-Hos? With Misadventures & Co you might not have to choose. They make their vodka with unused bread and bakery products from a local food bank.

  6. Tesco is bringing mini avocados to the UK, selling avocados similar in size to eggs that are not usually purchased from growers.