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Last Week in Food Waste:

  1. Our favorite story from the week: how orange juice can directly benefit national parks.

  2. The Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign goes to elementary school -- and the kids love it!

  3. Check out these food waste tips from Hong Kong.

  4. If you are in the UK, head to Starbucks during the last hour of the day to receive 50% off select items. This effort is part of their initiative to reduce food waste and fight hunger.

  5. Struggling to not waste the leftovers that pile up in your fridge by the end of the week? One of these hash recipes might be your solution -- a short history of Hash included.

  6. Bokashi aka the Japanese compost method.

  7. Need more charts in your life? Check out these charts and stats breaking down food waste and food waste awareness in the U.S.

  8. According to this research conducted by Grundig (a European manufacturer of home electronics), consumers want to live more sustainably and waste less food -- but most aren’t sure how and lack the time to do so.

  9. New Yorkers -- dine at these five restaurants that are taking an innovative approach to food waste.

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  1. FoodShare, the new program by Starbucks which donates unsold food, has donated one million meals to date. And get this, Starbucks just set a goal to donate 50 million meals A YEAR by 2020. Fun fact: the idea for the program was sparked by in store employees.

  2. Researchers from Concordia University identified cold-tolerant bacteria to fuel the breakdown of food waste. Why is this important? Most of the time anaerobic digestion requires a lot of heat. This bacteria will make it a lot easier for colder regions to turn their food waste into energy and compost.

  3. More science! Find out how Cornell University engineers transform food waste into green energy.

  4. Make sure to have a warm dinner roll on hand....when you watch this promo video of WASTED! The Story of Food Waste you’ll be craving it.

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Last week in food waste:

  1. What would ice cream flavored with “food waste” taste like? In Portland, Oregon, Salt & Straw has come out with flavors like “Roxie Road”, made up of leftover movie theater popcorn, and  “Top of the Beet”, made with rescued sweet beet greens. Instagram photos included.

  2. In NYC, Starbucks, Feeding America and City Harvest have partnered together to take food recovery to the next level. It is estimated that through Starbucks Foodshare 197,000 pounds of food will be provided to NYC annually -- and that’s just the beginning.

  3. Know any farmers in Virginia? If the answer is yes -- they’ll want to know that if they donate crops to food banks they can save up to 30% in tax credit for their donation.

  4. Now on Amazon’s Alexa -- you can download the Save the Food skill and Alexa will tell you how to properly store food! Thanks Alexa.