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Your Weekly Food Waste Digest

Last Week in Food Waste:

  1. Do you love your leftovers? In NRDC’s latest report, their study on households in Nashville, Denver and New York showed that 23% of the edible food wasted by individuals consisted of prepared leftovers.

  2. With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s time to start planning the dinner. Thanks to Save the Food and NRDC’s digital portion planning calculator, you can now do so responsibly and minimize food waste while keeping your guests’ bellies full.

  3. Speaking of Thanksgiving, check out this illustrated guide to hosting your very own mindful Friendsgiving.

  4. The latest app: UGottaEat. Users can post and share dishes with other users. "It is about homemade and fresh-made food. It's moving away from fast or processed food as a way of living and moving into mindful eating” says Tonya Kinlow, the app’s founder.

  5. Check out this free e-book on using data to reduce food waste from Spoiler Alert. Made for food manufacturers, wholesale distributors and grocery retailers.

  6. BONUS: We are thrilled to be sharing Compass Group’s 2017 CSR Report. We’ll label this one as a must-read, especially if you want to see how the leading food-service company is fighting food waste.