Anthony Bourdain

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Your Weekly Food Waste Digest

Last week in food waste:

  1. Over the weekend, Feedback hosted a “Feeding the 5000” in Toronto, feeding 5,000 people with food that would otherwise be wasted. Just in time for Thanksgiving in Canada.

  2. It’s finally here! Wasted! The Story of Food Waste came out on Friday, October 13th. If you’ve already watched the film, but can’t get enough, check out this Q&A with Anthony Bourdain.

  3. Want to extend the shelf life of your strawberries?  FreshPaper is a paper towel product infused with organic spices and botanicals that extend the shelf life of produce.

  4. Austin, Texas is a great example of the complex business of tackling food waste at the city level.

  5. And in Australia, Queensland research shows that on one farm, as much as 84% of tomatoes grown were left on the field.