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Last week in food waste:

  1. What would ice cream flavored with “food waste” taste like? In Portland, Oregon, Salt & Straw has come out with flavors like “Roxie Road”, made up of leftover movie theater popcorn, and  “Top of the Beet”, made with rescued sweet beet greens. Instagram photos included.

  2. In NYC, Starbucks, Feeding America and City Harvest have partnered together to take food recovery to the next level. It is estimated that through Starbucks Foodshare 197,000 pounds of food will be provided to NYC annually -- and that’s just the beginning.

  3. Know any farmers in Virginia? If the answer is yes -- they’ll want to know that if they donate crops to food banks they can save up to 30% in tax credit for their donation.

  4. Now on Amazon’s Alexa -- you can download the Save the Food skill and Alexa will tell you how to properly store food! Thanks Alexa.